Nature Camping

We do camping and trekking also. There are few sights you can decide as you wish. Namunukula is one of the height mountains in Sri Lanka. If you’re interested in mountains we can arrange a camp sight on top a mountain. Otherwise close to a river. It depends on your wish.

Before the camping, we do a trekking through the jungle and after that you can have a bath in the river. In the evening, after we set up the camps we’re going to have a bonfire. Enjoy the evening having BBQ and drinks. If you’re interested in sunrise camping we can move camps to a top of a mountain instead of having camps at the river bank.

In the morning we’re going have the breakfast next to the river and aftward we’re going to heading towards Ella. On your way back to Ella you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the villages and the surrounding.

Once you let us know your requirement we’ll get back to you with the rates and all other information.